Durable Entry Doors for Palm Coast FL

Entry doors Palm Coast FL

Entry doors are more than just gateways into homes; they are critical defenses against inclement weather, would-be burglars and other threats. That’s why today’s new doors are both tough against the elements and handsome enough to enhance a home’s curb appeal.

ARMORVUE has a variety of entry door options for your new home in the Oldsmar area. Visit our showroom to see and touch the different types.


Fiberglass is a versatile construction material that is made from thin sheets of glass that are transformed into a woven layer. It is often used in composites, roofing, swimming pools and storage tanks, pipes, cladding, and castings. The insulating properties of fiberglass make it popular for new door installation, as well as a replacement for steel or wood doors in older homes.

Fiberglass doors are moderately priced, dent resistant and require little maintenance. They can be painted or stained, and come in a variety of colors. They also look very similar to a traditional wood front door.

The most popular front doors for South Florida homeowners are now fiberglass impact-rated entry doors. They are a cost-effective solution that can keep your family safe from hurricanes and break-ins. They also allow in more light. They can be combined with a variety of glass inserts for a customized style. You can even add sidelights and transoms for a more dramatic effect.


For homeowners looking for a door replacement that is budget-friendly, steel is the way to go. It is durable and offers a high return on investment. In addition, it is strong enough to deter break-ins, making it a great choice for homes that need security features.

The smooth surface of a steel door is easy to wipe clean, though you should tend to any scratches promptly so the metal does not rust. It is also more energy efficient than wood or fiberglass, which helps to lower your home’s energy bills.

Choosing the right front door is essential to your home’s curb appeal. A strong, stylish door not only reflects your personality but also adds security and value to your property. For a modern look that will impress your guests and protect your family, choose a door from Clopay’s Modern Steel collection. It is engineered to withstand Florida’s high-velocity hurricane zones and provides lasting protection. These doors are impact rated, ensuring that they meet stringent building codes in the event of a hurricane.


South Florida’s harsh weather requires doors that can withstand high winds. GM Door, Window & Screen provides impact-rated front doors and patio doors that look just like regular models. These doors are made to stay strong under the force of hurricane-level winds, flying debris and other natural events.

These doors also help protect you from intruders. Thieves often break glass windows to gain access into a home. However, this is much more difficult to do with an impact door.

Aside from the security benefits, these doors can also save you money. Because they restrict the air from escaping, your air conditioner has to work less. This can result in lower energy bills throughout the year. In addition, homeowners that install these doors may qualify for homeowner’s insurance savings. These savings can add up quickly over the years.

Screened Entry

In Florida’s prime season of beautiful weather, it’s nice to let the cool breezes and oh-so-fragrant outdoor smells flow through the house. A front screened entry can help keep mosquitoes, flies and other critters outside where they belong. It also keeps lawn debris, like grass clippings and wasp’s nests blown off walkway walls from entering the home.

A screened entrance can dramatically alter the curb appeal of your home and create a welcoming feel to family, friends and guests. And don’t forget the practical benefits — a screen door helps you save on your energy costs by allowing clean fresh air to circulate throughout your house, lowering humidity levels.