Double Pane Windows Palm Coast FL

Window installation services can help you choose the right windows for your home. They can help you find double pane windows that will withstand South Florida’s intense heat and powerful winds. They can also prevent the sun’s harmful rays from damaging your carpet and furniture.

Condensation between glass layers is a sign that the sealant has failed. This can be a serious problem and must be fixed immediately.


Double pane windows are durable and withstand Florida’s extreme heat, heavy rain and powerful winds. They also help block the sun’s harmful rays from fading your carpet and furniture.

They contain two panes of glass joined together by polyvinyl butyral, a resin that provides flexibility and optical clarity. The space between the panes is filled with a gas such as argon, which acts as insulation and reduces heat loss.

They are also energy efficient. The air in this space is kept cool and dry by the presence of a desiccant such as silica gel. This prevents moisture from condensing in the gap, which would otherwise cause the window to become foggy or distorted. Foggy windows are not only unsightly, but they can also damage the window. A common method for repairing double pane windows that appear foggy is to drill small holes and spray the window with a special solution. This removes the condensation, but it does not repair the seal that failed.

Energy efficiency

Double pane windows help reduce your energy bills because they act as an extra layer of insulation. They prevent heat from escaping during cold weather and hot air from entering your home in the summer. As a result, you can save on your electricity costs every month.

The insulating space between the two window panes is filled with inert gas like argon for added efficiency. This gas minimizes convection currents, which significantly improves thermal efficiency. Many manufacturers also add a Low E coating to the glass for additional energy savings. This film significantly reduces harmful sunlight rays that can cause damage to your furniture, quartz countertops and paint.

Energy efficient Double pane windows are a smart investment in your Florida home. They will reduce your monthly utility costs, increase comfort and protect you from hurricanes and other natural disasters. They can even pay for themselves over time with the money you’ll save on your electricity bill.

Increased home value

Double pane windows are a great investment for your home. They provide unobstructed views of South Florida’s beautiful sunsets, protect against storm damage and keep the sun’s harmful UV rays from damaging your furniture and carpet. They also help reduce your energy bills.

You can also add extra features to your windows to make them more efficient. These include spray foam insulation, airtight windows with an air-tight seal, solar shades, insulated ductwork and high-performance HVAC systems.

When choosing a window installation company, look for one that is licensed as a specialty contractor in Florida and Palm Beach County. In addition, find out whether they provide a written estimate with guaranteed pricing and details about the products, installation and warranty. They should also offer a free in-home consultation to discuss the project. You should also ask about permit requirements for your area.

Easy maintenance

Double pane windows prevent moisture from entering the space between the glass, reducing mold and rot. They also help to keep the sun’s rays from fading furniture, draperies and carpeting. They’re also easier to clean than traditional single-pane windows.

If a window appears foggy or has visible condensation, the seal protecting the space between the panes is failing. This problem is caused by a process known as thermal pumping. When the window is exposed to sunlight, the gas in this space heats up and expands, pressurizing it. Then, at night, the window cools and contracts. The constant pressure fluctuations stress the seal over time and cause it to break down.

To repair this issue, many companies offer a service called “defogging,” which removes the condensation from a window. However, this is not an effective fix and it may not restore the window’s insulation. Moreover, this method only addresses the visible evidence of the seal failure, not the underlying problem.