Sliding Glass Doors Palm Coast FL

Sliding glass doors Palm Coast FL

Sliding glass doors are a great way to let natural light and uninterrupted views into a room. They are also very easy to clean and offer a number of different designs, styles and materials.

There are many things that go into deciding on a sliding patio door that fits your home and budget. These include energy efficiency, aesthetics, durability and safety.

Energy Efficiency

Sliding glass doors open horizontally, letting in natural light and views. Large panels allow you to easily view your home’s landscaping and create a strong connection with the outdoors. They are easy to clean and offer wide range of customizations for a unique look.

Sliding doors let in natural Florida breezes that cleanse the air, eliminating odors and germs. When paired with a window treatment, they add extra privacy and temperature control. Pairing drapes with sliding glass doors adds a soft, elegant feel to any space. Choose from a wide variety of fabrics, textures and styles.

For energy efficiency, opt for JELD-WEN’s ENERGY STAR qualified products. These products are made with thermal insulation and weather stripping to help reduce your energy bill. Their multi-paned glass also blocks out UV rays, keeping your home comfortable and healthy.


Sliding glass doors give your home a sleek, modern look and seamlessly blend indoor and outdoor spaces. They let in more natural light and offer beautiful panoramic views of your backyard or garden. Plus, they’re a great way to let fresh air flow through your home on stuffy days without overworking your HVAC system.

Our sliding glass doors come in a variety of styles and colors to complement any home design, and they can be customized with a wide array of hardware options and features. In addition, we can install impact-rated sliding glass doors that meet and exceed stringent Florida building codes. These doors are designed to withstand hurricane-force winds, and they’ll protect your home from debris and intruders.

Sliding glass doors are available in a variety of designs and configurations, including Euro-Wall multi-slide doors with larger sizes and the smallest interlock on the market. Velocity Impact Products’ designer line offers a clean, modern look with incredible sized doors and unlimited configurations including corner units and fully pocketed doors.


Coastal living in Florida requires homeowners to have hurricane-impact sliding patio doors. These durable doors withstand the strong winds and flying debris that come with severe weather events, protecting homes and keeping residents safe.

They save space, offer seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces, let in more natural light and enhance your home’s aesthetics. Sliding glass door maintenance is easy, too – simply wipe down the surface and keep the track clean to ensure smooth operation.

A stuck or squeaky sliding glass door wastes your time. It also presents safety hazards and can lead to muscle strain, pinched fingers or even more serious injuries if the door falls off the track. Thankfully, scheduling regular sliding glass door repairs prevents these issues before they escalate. Moreover, window treatments like draperies or side panels provide an elegant look to these large expanses of windows and improve privacy, temperature and light control. They are available in a wide range of colors, patterns and textures to suit your style preferences.


Sliding glass doors are a common point of entry in residential burglaries. By modifying your sliding doors with security upgrades, you can help prevent intruders from entering your home.

A door that sticks or jams wastes time trying to wrestle it open and closed. It can also lead to muscle strain, pinched fingers, or a dangerous fall.

Replacing your sliding glass doors with a more secure option can protect you and your family from intruders and severe weather. A variety of options are available to increase your home’s security, including a slide-locking bar, hasp, commercial lock, or a Charlie bar.

In the case of severe storms, homeowners may also choose to have their patio, sliding, and/or storm doors protected by panels or shutters when necessary. This additional protection will guarantee that dangerous airborne debris never crashes through these popular home features. Moreover, it will help ensure that families in Boca Raton are safe and comfortable at home.