Choosing Entry Doors for Your Palm Coast FL Home

Entry doors Palm Coast FL

Entry doors are more than just gateways into homes; they protect the families, guests and belongings inside from inclement weather and intruders. They also keep the indoor and outdoor environments separated, saving energy by reducing heating and cooling costs.

ENERGY STAR rated fiberglass entry doors with lower U-factors help reduce drafts and conserve heat, keeping the air you pay to heat or cool in your home where it belongs. They are also rot-resistant and durable, especially in the Florida climate.

ENERGY STAR rated fiberglass doors

The front door protects a home from inclement weather and intruders, so it must be tough enough to stand up to the elements. It should also be beautiful and stylish enough to make a great first impression on guests.

The materials a door is made of and its insulation determine its energy efficiency. Fiberglass doors include foam cores, so they can insulate homes more effectively than steel or wood options. Fiberglass exterior doors are also incredibly durable, and with proper “Karoly Craftsmenship” installation, they won’t need adjusting over time.

An ENERGY STAR-rated door has a low U-factor, which prevents heat from escaping the home and cold air from entering. They are also designed to be more comfortable year-round by limiting drafts and humidity. Energy Star divides the country into climate zones to help homeowners find the best options for their area.

Custom front screen entry

Front screen entries are beautiful, functional additions to a home. They allow you to enjoy the mild Florida weather and breezes without lizards, house flies and other insects entering your home. They also let in more natural light, which is important for your health.

These one-of-a-kind front entry screen enclosures are built to fit a specific doorframe and architectural design of your home. They are much more durable than French door screens made of cheap plastic or paper-thin aluminum cranked to fit over the doors.

They are also a lot cheaper than the expensive, labor-intensive DIY options of thumbtacks and hook and loop fasteners. They come in a variety of colors and styles to compliment your homes unique architecture. They are a great way to raise curb appeal and add value to your home.

Impact-rated doors

Living in a hurricane-prone area requires South Floridians to think about impact windows and doors frequently. These products adhere to stricter building codes and standards and help shield homes from destructive winds, flying debris, and generalized catastrophic damage.

Unlike secondary options like plywood and storm shutters, impact-rated doors offer in-place protection that doesn’t require installation or maintenance. They also reduce exposure to harmful UV rays that can fade fabrics, paintings, and curtains.

Designed for beauty and strength, Marvin Coastline offers a selection of stylish impact doors that look just like regular models. These doors also comply with Miami-Dade’s High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) requirements and can protect your home from intense wind and flying debris during a severe storm. These doors can also increase resale value and dissuade potential intruders.

Low-maintenance fiberglass doors

Outfitting your home with new front doors is a major decision that impacts your security, curb appeal and energy efficiency. Your new doors must withstand day-in and day-out exposure to intense sunlight, heavy rains and humidity, as well as frequent assaults from high winds and saltwater spray.

The durable fiberglass doors available at NewSouth Window Solutions are crafted for beauty, function and low-maintenance. They won’t warp or rot, and they resist dents and scratches. Plus, they’re insulated, so they hold the cold in during winter and the heat out in summer.

All doors are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. However, any alteration by a third party (cutting and installation of lights or louvers) will void this warranty. See dealer for details. Products are not eligible for sale in HVHZ zones in Florida.

Add curb appeal

Adding curb appeal is one of the best ways to increase your home’s value. It’s the first thing potential buyers notice, and it could make them either love your home or move on to another.

You can add curb appeal by painting your front door a bright color or adding trims to the top and sides of it. You can also add a path way to your front door or install a custom window that frames the door.

A new front door will improve your home’s security, energy efficiency and curb appeal. In addition, impact doors help protect your home during strong hurricanes and storms. They are made of thick fiberglass that resists denting and offers superior strength. The thick fiberglass shell also insulates your home, reducing your energy costs.