Window Styles For Palm Coast FL

Window styles Palm Coast FL

Improved energy efficiency that decreases your utility bills. Hurricane impact windows are a great investment that raise your home value and help keep you safe during storms.

Look for a window installation company that offers different types and materials. Each type has unique price points, lifespans, and energy-performance capabilities.

Reflective glass windows amp up the aesthetic and provide solar control. Cellular shades are another option that adds texture and privacy to a room.

Single-Hung Windows

In a state like Florida, where hurricanes are commonplace, protecting your home with impact windows is a smart and necessary investment. These windows are built to withstand high winds and flying debris from storms, but they also offer everyday benefits such as energy efficiency and noise control.

Single-hung windows consist of 2 window sashes that fit within the frame just slightly offset from one another. They slide vertically to open and can be tilted in for easier maintenance. They can be customized with a wide range of frame colors, grid patterns and configurations that suit any architectural style.

If you want to ensure that your new windows will be energy efficient, choose fiberglass or vinyl models. These materials are low-cost, long-lasting and feature high performance ratings. They can be crafted to look as beautiful as you’d like, too, with many styles available in wood grain finishes and custom grid options. Alternatively, you can opt for impact-approved double-hung windows that deliver the same aesthetics with added strength and security.

Sliding Windows

Unlike double-hung windows, sliding windows move back and forth horizontally rather than up and down vertically. Their sleek profiles and modern operation make them a stunning design feature. They also provide the added benefit of lowering your energy costs thanks to their energy-efficient construction.

To clean a sliding window, start by moving the sash towards the opposite side, leaving a gap of about 3″. Then, raise the sash as high as it will go while continuing to apply upward pressure. Finally, pull the bottom of the sash inward towards you and remove it from the rail.

Our 2- and 3-lite slider replacement windows let natural light flood your home’s interior while reducing your monthly energy bills with their energy-efficient construction. They also feature laminated glass that’s impact-rated to resist damage from debris during a storm. Schedule a consultation to see how these beautiful windows can enhance your home’s aesthetic. They’ll also increase the value of your home when you’re ready to sell.

Bay & Bow Windows

Unlike other window styles, bay windows and bow windows protrude outward to create a 3-dimensional impression in your home. Bay windows typically consist of three windows, with one fixed “picture window” in the middle and two smaller windows on either side that can be opened for ventilation. Bow windows include four to six angled window panes for a more rounded appearance.

Both types of windows let in plenty of natural light and offer wide-open views. They also provide a picturesque seating or display area that can be decorated to fit your style.

Both types are incredibly energy-efficient and help regulate your indoor temperature. They are especially effective at keeping cool air inside your home during Florida’s hot and humid summers. These windows are also impact resistant and can withstand hurricane-force winds and flying debris.

Casement Windows

Boost your home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency with stylish casement windows. These hinged sashes open by cranking a handle, making them easier to operate than sliding or double-hung styles. Plus, they have a larger opening size that other window designs and styles for enhanced ventilation.

Wide-open views and clean lines make these windows a favorite among homeowners seeking modern design elements for their Palm Coast homes. Available in a range of configurations, sizes and finishes, they’re the perfect fit for any architectural style or replacement project.

These impact-rated windows meet the strictest hurricane and building code requirements in Florida, so you can avoid boarding up your home before a storm. Their multi-chambered sash and mainframe create insulating air spaces for superior thermal performance, and they come standard with ENERGY STAR® insulated glass packages. Their laminated glass also resists punctures and fractures for unmatched protection. This window style also reduces noise to help you achieve a peaceful sleep.