Door Styles That Elevate Curb Appeal

The exterior doors you select for your home have the power to elevate your curb appeal. In a world where trends constantly change, certain door styles hold an enduring charm that transcends fleeting fashions.

Create a facade that defies trends and showcases your personal style with a selection of high-quality exterior doors from Maronda Homes in Palm Coast FL. These doors feature a variety of finishes and hardware that complement any architectural design.


Palm Coast is one of Florida’s most enchanting cities and hidden treasures. It is a great place to live, work, and play. Homeowners looking to improve their homes’ aesthetics, resale value, and safety can choose from our collection of classic garage doors. Raynor BuildMark residential 25-gauge steel pan garage doors provide homeowners with a stylish design that enhances curb appeal and provides peace of mind.

When it comes to selecting a long-lasting door for your Palm Beach home, material quality, installation, maintenance, and climate compatibility are the key factors to consider. We offer several high-quality door options that will last for decades.

Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, our Cadence and Carrollton doorglass styles can complement the style of your home. Both designs include a fleur-de-lis bevel cluster and a patina finish, with varying levels of privacy. For a more Classic look, consider our Expressions or Heirlooms designs. Both feature deep bevel swirls and a satin nickel or brass finish, with a medium level of privacy.


If you are in the market for a modern or contemporary home in Palm Coast FL, you’ll want to select a garage door that complements the style of your property. These doors are often characterized by their minimalist design and use of geometric shapes. They also feature large windows that reflect the surrounding natural beauty. Modern and contemporary homes tend to blend in rather than stand out, which makes a contemporary or modern door an excellent choice for your new home.

If you’re looking for a modern or contemporary home in Palm Beach, check out the Maronda Homes communities. For example, the contemporary “Santa Rosa” model features two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living area and kitchen, as well as a dining room and service area. This home is the perfect combination of luxury and convenience — everything you need to enjoy the Palm Coast way of life. You can also choose the “De Bary” model, which features a large family and dining area, three bedrooms, two baths, a service area, and a carport.


The door style you choose holds the power to elevate your home’s ambiance. It can withstand fleeting trends and showcase your unique sensibilities. With this enduring collection, Prestige Doors Palm Coast FL offers homeowners the opportunity to infuse their facade with sophistication that transcends time.

Transitional styles are a combination of traditional and contemporary ideas. They feature streamlined surfaces but still incorporate traditional ideas such as intricate moldings and carvings. They are also characterized by an elegant use of wood and understated drama.

Like early plank doors, transitional doors often utilize an overframe that holds the boards together more firmly and adds a more refined appearance. They can be used with both contemporary and transitional architecture and can look beautiful in a wide range of finishes and hardware. These doors are often painted to complement other aspects of your exterior design and to create a cohesive and balanced overall look.


Rustic style homes often feature a mix of Spanish and Anglo influences, creating a unique look. The Santa Fe style fuses both styles, adding rounded fireplaces, rustic wide plank wood flooring and decorative iron accents to the home’s design. Rustic entry doors are a beautiful way to add that traditional feel to your Florida home. Our solid panel entry and patio doors feature the beauty of authentic rustic wood construction while offering durability, protection and energy efficiency. They are also engineered to meet the stringent hurricane requirements in Florida’s harsh High-Velocity Hurricane Zones. Our products are backed by some of the strongest warranties in the industry, including a lifetime limited warranty on fiberglass doors and a 50-year warranty on composite doors. The Doorman offers a variety of custom designs to complement any home.