How Front Entry Doors Can Increase Curb Appeal and Security

Your front door serves as the boundary between the inside and outside of your home, safeguarding you from inclement weather, uninvited guests and pests. It’s also an important part of your curb appeal.

Choose from fiberglass, steel and wood entry doors. All our doors are hurricane impact rated and available with a variety of sidelite options.

Curb Appeal

Besides being the entry point into your home, a front door sets the style and tone for how people perceive your property. It should be tough against the elements and complement your home’s architecture. Fortunately, local door dealers and installers offer stylish front doors that are both beautiful and functional.

For instance, fiberglass front doors are a practical choice for South Florida homeowners because they can resist damage from flying debris during a hurricane. They also come in a range of styles that are attractive and easy to maintain.

Other benefits of new front doors include reducing noise, lowering energy bills and keeping insects, reptiles, wasps and other pests outside where they belong. And with a screened front door, you can enjoy the fresh Florida breeze without worrying about lawn cuttings or landscape debris that may blow into your home. A screened entry also keeps mosquitoes at bay.


The front door is more than a gateway into your home. It also helps keep intruders and severe weather out. A new front door can add protection and increase the value of your property.

Local door dealers can provide a variety of styles to fit any architectural design. For example, an impact-rated entry door looks just like a standard exterior door but is designed to withstand the force of hurricane-level winds and flying debris. These doors meet strict requirements for high-velocity hurricane zones and are a smart choice for Southeast Florida homeowners.

Other practical benefits of a front door include soundproofing for quieter interiors, energy efficiency savings on your electricity bill and stable indoor temperatures. In addition, a screened front door keeps out bugs during the day and night such as house flies, lizards and mosquitos. It can even help keep hornets and wasps away from your entranceway. These pests can damage your doors and windows if they get inside.

Energy Efficiency

Having a front door that does not adequately protect a house and its inhabitants from inclement weather or uninvited pests is not something a homeowner wants to live with. Updating the entry door to a newer, more modern design will help increase both security and energy efficiency while also increasing curb appeal.

An insulated fiberglass door with a polyurethane core reduces the transfer of warm and cold air, which in turn decreases energy costs throughout the year. It will keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, reducing the workload on the HVAC system.

An impact-rated front door provides a solid barrier that keeps out high winds during hurricanes and break-ins. These doors are crafted from stronger, protective materials and come with a variety of glass inserts that can be tinted to reflect sunlight and match any architectural style. These doors are a cost-effective solution for Florida homeowners looking to protect their families from natural disasters and intruders.


Your entry door isn’t just a beautiful front façade, but it acts as an effective barrier that keeps out cold, hot, humid air, and intruders. As a result, it must be tough against the elements to protect your family and your possessions.

Wood entry doors are the most durable, but they must be regularly refinished to resist warping and splintering from rain and sun exposure. Steel doors are a more affordable option, but they can dent and show signs of wear and tear over time. Fiberglass is the lightest and most rust-resistant option, and it offers many customizable options to match your home’s aesthetic.

Lastly, impact-rated fiberglass entry doors offer the best combination of beauty and performance. They can be paired with a variety of glass inserts, sidelights, and transoms to create an attractive design that’s also hurricane-rated to keep your family safe. The thicker materials of these doors also insulate better against summer heat, which results in lower energy bills and reduced maintenance costs.