Window Styles in Palm Coast FL

Window styles Palm Coast FL

Choosing the right window style is essential to your home’s aesthetic. Local windows installation experts can help you pick a design that complements your house’s architectural design.

Double-hung windows look great on any type of house, including historic ones. They’re also easy to clean and provide flexible ventilation options.

Casement Windows

Unlike double hung windows or sliding windows, casement windows hinge on one side and open outward like a door. They provide gorgeous views of the outdoors and excellent ventilation. They are easy to clean and feature a crank handle that can be tucked away when not in use.

These windows are highly durable, weather-resistant, and ENERGY STAR-rated for year-round performance. They are a great choice for coastal homes.

They feature multi-chambered sashes and mainframes that create insulating air spaces for superior thermal efficiency. They are also designed with the modern homeowner in mind. They come in a variety of styles and designs to complement any home design.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows combine classic style with next-generation technology. They are comprised of two operating vertically stacked sashes that tilt in for easy cleaning from inside the home. They are available with several hardware finishes and grid patterns.

A standard insulated glass package meets strict Florida building codes and offers energy savings. Other upgrade options include Low-E with argon gas, which provides improved solar heat rejection and helps keep the interior comfortable in warm weather.

Your professional installers can replace your old windows with either a full-frame or pocket installation. A full-frame installation is recommended when you want to change the window’s look and a pocket installation is best for replacing an existing window that has rot or damage.

Single-Hung Windows

Single-Hung windows feature one moveable sash, usually the bottom. They offer a classic look and complement most home designs. They’re also space efficient and offer more ventilation options than double-hung windows.

Impact single-hung windows are built to last, offering style, strength and protection for your family. You can customize these windows with simulated divide lites and frame colors to suit any design specifications.

They’re also available with full screens, which are ideal in buggy South Florida. The insulated laminated glass offers superior noise control as well. You can even upgrade to hurricane impact glass for additional protection against flying debris and high-winds.

Sliding Windows

Also called glider windows, sliding windows are great for opening up a wide horizontal expanse to frame expansive views of the outdoors and flood your home with natural light. Their sashes slide horizontally, unlike double-hung windows that open vertically, to prevent the window from intruding on your outdoor living space or landscaping when it opens.

Sliding windows come in different colors to match your interior style and are available in either full-frame or pocket installations. Choose impact-resistant windows with low-emissivity coatings to help protect your carpets and furniture from fading while saving you money on energy bills. Your window installer can advise you on the best solution for your needs.

Stained Glass Windows

Art glass can be a powerful addition to any home or business, adding visual interest and amplifying curb appeal. Its intricate designs can elicit a variety of responses from viewers, including feelings of awe and wonder.

The stained glass windows at St. Mark’s are based on paintings by Renaissance masters like da Vinci and feature details such as drapery and frit—a technique that creates ripples and folds to give depictions dimension. When it rains, water droplets can animate the windows and make them appear to come to life.

Stained glass is a popular choice for window replacement in Palm Coast and throughout the Sunshine State. However, it’s not for every property owner.

Reflective Glass Doors

The right windows and doors can transform your home. They can increase your comfort level and lower energy bills, as well as improve curb appeal. And, they can add an artistic touch to any home.

Wood windows offer timeless elegance and natural insulation. However, they typically cost more than vinyl. They also require regular maintenance.

For coastal homes, a dark tint called turtle glass is required for openings facing the ocean due to local ordinances and Florida building codes. Manufacturers can provide different tint combinations to achieve multiple goals based on the project requirements. For instance, gray low-E 366 glass is often used in easterly openings in bedrooms to both block the early morning sun and prevent the transfer of heat from the outside into the room.