Sliding Glass Doors Palm Coast FL

Sliding glass doors Palm Coast FL

Replacing old sliding glass doors with impact windows will safeguard a home from high winds and flying debris that can occur during a Florida storm. They also lower insurance premiums and increase resale value.

Preferred pgt sliding patio doors are beautiful options that deliver exceptional safety strength and energy efficiency. They help homeowners save on energy bills, and they can even qualify for rebates with local utility companies.


Sliding glass doors can enhance your home’s aesthetics and create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. They pour natural light into rooms and work well with vaulted ceilings to create a spacious feel. Moreover, the 90-degree multi-panel sliding door option can be used to connect multiple indoor and outdoor living areas, thereby increasing your home’s usable space.

Regular maintenance practices such as cleaning and lubrication help keep your doors in good condition, enabling them to function smoothly and efficiently. However, if you notice issues such as a sticking or misaligned track, it may be best to hire a professional for repairs.

In addition to repairing or replacing damaged hardware components, professionals can also restore your doors’ weatherstripping to ensure a tight seal and prevent air leaks. Leaking windows and doors can result in water damage, so it’s crucial to have them repaired promptly.


During factory installation, sliding glass doors often come equipped with locks that are too simplistic and don’t do much to deter break-ins. Fortunately, there are several options to beef up security without impacting the unobstructed view and natural light that the doors provide.

Start by assessing the vulnerabilities and consulting with an expert about your options. They can help you with strategies like reinforcing the door and frame, improving the surrounding area, installing a visible alarm system, and more.

You can also add a Charley bar, which folds down securely across the head track and prevents forced sliding. Another option is adding multipoint locks with concealed lockbolts deep into the door frame and top track. Some models are even hurricane resistant and offer a high level of security from intruders, as well as the elements. Smart locks that connect to a home security system also allow you to monitor and control access remotely, while providing instant alerts in case of tampering.

Energy Efficiency

Modern sliding glass doors are energy efficient, allowing fresh air into your home and keeping cool temperatures indoors. They also block harmful UV rays, helping protect you and your family from sun damage.

Large panels open up your home to stunning views of the landscape, blending your indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly. With a variety of panel sizes, you can customize the look of your doors to suit your space.

You can even add sidelights and a transom above your door to enhance the view and create a stronger connection with nature. You can enjoy watching sailboats cruise in the ocean or dolphins play in the bay from your new patio doors. And with their impact resistance, your new sliding glass doors can protect your family from powerful Florida winds and intruders. They’re also easy to keep clean and maintain. These features make sliding glass doors a smart upgrade for any living area in your Florida home.


Sliding glass doors make a beautiful transition between interior living spaces and the outdoors. These doors are easy to use, offer stunning panoramic views, and allow natural light into your home. They also enhance your home’s value and provide greater security. However, these benefits can be compromised if your sliding glass door has a broken screen or is difficult to open.

A professional repair service can restore your sliding doors to their original condition and improve the performance of their locks and handles. They will clean dirty rollers, lubricate them, and adjust them with the adjustment screws to ensure that movement is unimpeded.

In addition, a professional can help you choose impact-resistant windows and doors that will resist damage from severe storms and high winds. These windows will protect your property from intruders and debris while enhancing the beauty of your home’s exterior. They can also reduce your energy bills by reducing air leaks. They will also help you save money on utility costs in the winter by keeping cold air in and hot air out.