How to Choose the Right Entry Doors for Your Home

Entry doors protect your home from the elements and add a beautiful accent to the architecture of your house. Whether you’re building a new home or replacing your old front door, there are several considerations to make.

Impact-resistant entry doors are insulated to reduce energy costs by keeping the hot air from your home during the summer. They also resist intruders and withstand severe weather conditions.

Energy Efficiency

As one of the hottest states in the country, Florida homeowners need doors that will protect their properties from the heat and humidity. Our energy efficient front doors are insulated to keep air in your home and prevent it from escaping, which saves you money on your heating and cooling bills all year round.

Our doors are ENERGY STAR-rated and fabricated from materials that resist moisture damage, so they’ll remain attractive and functional for years to come. We offer a variety of styles to complement any design style, including bi-fold entry doors that fold back to merge indoor and outdoor living spaces seamlessly. French entry doors add a sophisticated touch, while hinged entry doors provide timeless elegance.

For added peace of mind, our impact doors are rated for Florida’s harsh hurricane zones and meet stringent building codes. They’re designed to withstand high winds and hold up against the daily summer rain. They’re also incredibly difficult to break into, so intruders won’t stand a chance.


When it comes to the durability of front doors, thicker materials offer better protection and energy efficiency. For example, impact-rated doors reduce noise while helping you save money on air conditioning. They also insulate your home more effectively, saving you on heating costs in the winter.

Wood is a traditional door choice that offers timeless beauty and luxury, but it requires frequent upkeep to avoid warping and rotting in the Palm Beach climate. Fiberglass doors are an excellent alternative, combining the aesthetic appeal of wood with strength and durability. They are moderately priced and dent resistant, while resisting dents, scratches, and corrosion.

Stainless steel doors are ideal for commercial and industrial applications where hygiene and cleanliness are essential, such as in food processing plants or hospitals. They are also durable, low maintenance and resistant to salt air, seasonal rains, humidity and other harsh weather conditions. Moreover, they provide exceptional security against break-ins and high-velocity storm debris.


Whether you are dealing with hurricane-force winds or the daily South Florida summer rain, your doors need to be strong and durable. That is why SIW offers a wide variety of door options designed to stand up to the elements.

Our impact products meet the strictest construction standards for Florida’s high-velocity hurricane zones and are built to last. They are extremely difficult to break into, able to withstand repeated smashing and banging.

We offer a wide range of doors that fit your unique style and aesthetic. Bi-fold entry doors provide versatility and space-saving solutions, perfect for homes looking to merge indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly. French entry doors offer a touch of sophistication, blending elegance with functionality. Sliding entry doors are the ultimate space-savers, bringing in light and maximizing views. And hinged entry doors are timeless, combining classic style with durability. We also offer access control systems, allowing you to monitor who enters your property and maintain detailed records of entrances and exits.


The doors of your house should be inviting gateways to a comfortable and welcoming home, but they also need to be tough against the elements and intruders. They should also look great and enhance your home’s aesthetic. That’s why Window World offers a wide variety of entry doors, so you can choose the door that best suits your style preferences.

For example, french doors add a touch of sophistication with their glass panes. Sliding entry doors are space-savers and offer a sleek design. Pivot entry doors make a bold architectural statement and blend indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly. And hinged entry doors are the classic choice for homes looking to maintain a traditional aesthetic. Whatever your aesthetic preferences, Window World can help you find the perfect entry door for your home in Palm Coast FL.